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Ms. Marlo Thomas-Calloway, SHRM-CP/PHR
Talent Development Strategist and Hr Consultant


Career Assessment/Planning
Career Transition Strategies
Career Etiquette
Presentation Skills
Professional Attire Consultation


Job Search Strategies
Resume Writing Techniques
Interview Techniques
Negotiation Techniques
Military Transition


Professional Branding 
Social Media Profiles
Networking Strategies


Herman Fahie, PMP Certified Project Manager

Marlo is a superb transition counselor. The information provided during the four-day seminar proved invaluable in my transition from the military. Her knowledge level was superior, and the delivery of the content made it remarkably easy to understand. Marlo is the consummate professional; her dedication to the courseware and course attendees was readily evident in after...more

January 2, 2016, Herman was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies

Leticia shields

Very knowledgeable individual, helping military sailors with the transitioning process back to the civilian sector. Gave in depth information and links on the internet to network for employment purposes.

December 10, 2014, Leticia worked directly with Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies.

Michael Collins Transitioning Military Professional

As a transitioning member of the armed forces it can get a little over whelming. Marlo expert knowledge and training gave me the confidence to face the challenge and has lead me to be successful in the civilian world.

November 10, 2014, Michael was Marlo (Thomas)'s client

Travis Clem (Security+, CISSP®) Senior Information Assurance Professional at Insight

Marlo was a great transition counselor. She gave me great insight to the HR process during my transition from the Navy. Her guidance was extremely valuable in helping me craft my first résumé in over 24 years. She is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and personable. It was apparent that she truly cared about the success of the class and that she stayed up to date on the...more

November 9, 2014, Travis was Marlo (Thomas)'s client

Donald Ryals Manager Trainer

Re: Recommendation for Marlo Calloway 
I was initially impressed with Marlo Calloway's enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I attended her transition class. During the four day seminar, she instructed me of how to utilize the tools on the web, at VA, and Family Readiness Center, to transition to my civilian job. She consistently demonstrated...more

September 27, 2014, Donald was Marlo (Thomas)'s client

Joseph Cuddy Network Security Engineer

I met Marlo at my transitioning from the military class, where she instructed the class how do write a great resume and cover letter and how to get a job. She was very knowledgeable, and was very open to assist her students with reviewing our resumes and cover letters. She was also very knowledgeable in the skills needed to find a job, apply, and prepare yourself for an...more

September 9, 2014, Joseph managed Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies

Myron Ellis Superviser at United States Marine Corps

Marlo is a very detailed-oriented driven women, who is always focused on helping you succeed in whatever you do in life.

August 26, 2014, Myron was Marlo (Thomas)'s client

Robert Randall Program and Project Manager delivering outstanding results on time and under budget

I was fortunate to be on the receiving end of a brief by Marlo aimed at assisting transitioning veterans with the navigating the route to civilian employment with a focus on the value of membership in professional organizations. Not only was her information relevant, valuable and well thought out, she is a very dynamic and engaging presenter\facillitator and instructor.

August 20, 2014, Robert was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies

Shanita Burks Petty Officer First Class at US NAVY

Marlo Thomas was a outstanding Military Transition Trainer. She was a subject matter expert and innovative on the information she was teaching. She was always punctual and taught me how to research and find information on my own as well.

August 6, 2014, Shanita was Marlo (Thomas)'s client

Troy Riedel Military Veteran at Retired

Marlo is an excellent trainer. She was the primer trainer and facilitator for my recent Goals, Planning, Success (GPS) Workshop at Langley AFB, VA. She provided valuable insight for a large group (50+) of transitioning Military Veterans. Her twenty-plus years of experience in the public & private sectors & vast knowledge of Personnel Management provided our group...more

August 4, 2014, Troy worked with Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies

James Poore US Naval Officer at US Navy

Marlo is an incredible wealth of knowledge and sound advice! In one week she helped me make the difficult transition from the military to civilian sector.
Her creativeness and expertise aided me in writing a thorough and professional resume that had companies reaching out to me at every turn.
It was a true pleasure to work with Marlo and I would recommend her to any...more

July 29, 2014, James was Marlo (Thomas)'s client

Jennifer Allison FFSC Oceana Education and Training Supervisor for Armed Forces Services Corporation

Marlo Calloway was the best facilitator during my Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success) class. Her presentation was extremely helpful and her presentation was excellent. She has a tremendous understanding of the military and many useful suggestions for those who are transitioning to the civilian sector. She was especially supportive of those interested in a career in...more

July 15, 2014, Jennifer was Marlo (Thomas)'s client

Nicholas Caskey Graduate Student at University of Pittsburg, PA

Marlo was an absolutely fantastic Transition Trainer. I went through her course May of 2014 and she not only provided accurate, current information but also enhanced and corrected many of my own practices. Her instruction on interview techniques and resume writing helped me land my current position and I'm sure will be indispensable for the future.

July 9, 2014, Nicholas was Marlo (Thomas)'s client

Phillip Bachand Subject Matter Expert at General Dynamics Information Technology, President/CEO Navy Mustang Association

Marlo and I were fellow presenters at the Military Transition "Lunch and Learn" series at Regent University last year. I closed the series for the year and had to follow Marlo. I was told she would be a tough act to follow, and indeed, she was. Many of the same folks who attended my lecture had attended Marlo's and their insightful questoins were directly attributable to...more

July 8, 2014, Phillip was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies

Deric Washington Business Analyst - Computer Sciences Corporation/NETC N73

Marlo's ability to communicate relavant material as it pertains to hiring practices of employers and how to apply the information was invaluable. She was very detailed in what we as transitioning military personnel should or could expect during the interview process. Her expertise is unquestioned in my opinion and she answered all of my questions beyond my expectations....more

August 22, 2013, Deric was Marlo (Thomas)'s client

Sean Williams General Manager at Raytheon

Marlo was the facilitator for my Military retirement transition course. Extremely professional and proficient, Marlo was able to relate the most important information effectively cutting to the core of the most beneficial information that was needed. She was able to clearly and articulately describe the necessary steps one must take in order to create and grow networks. I...more

August 18, 2013, Sean was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies

Robert Sluss Director of Field Services at Southern Dock Products

Marlo is the consummate professional. She provides an outstanding class to transitioning service members as they prepare for future careers outside the military. Marlo goes above and beyond in her approach to provide direction and guidance to assist her students. I would completely recommend her for any human resource position.

August 14, 2013, Robert was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies

Alesha Brown, The Joy Guru Contributing Writer at The Huffington Post

Marlo's vast management experience and wealth of knowledge is evident in everything she does. She is a woman of excellence and her HR/management expertise and passion to advance the next generation of business professionals exudes in all her actions and various activities. Her training and coaching abilities are top notch and she easily assists others in advancing in their...more

August 11, 2013, Alesha Brown, was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies

Calvin Johnson Jr Medical Staff Coordinator at Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center

Marlo is very outgoing and knowledgeable . Certainly willing to go the extra mile to help anyone who is trying to advance his/ her career.

August 11, 2013, Calvin was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies

Kurt Schmuhl Shipbuilding Specialist at Mid-Atlantic Regional Maint Center

Marlo was very knowledgeable about the career transition process. She was able to convey this knowledge very well and kept the class interested and facilitated a lot of very helpful discussion.

August 11, 2013, Kurt was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies

LUIS RODRIGUEZ DUENAS Military Professional

Outstanding trainer, very please with the degree of knowledge and professionalism. Eager to help people and to give first sight advice concerning any questions pertaining to the subject matter. No doubt, Marlo will have a great performance at this position.

August 11, 2013, LUIS worked directly with Marlo (Thomas) at Inverness Technologies

Ronald Stamm Linux System Administrator / Network Administrator at WR Systems

Marlo presented information to transitioning service members over a three day period that covered everything from resume writing to how to dress for your interviews. The information that she provided has helped me to become more confident in transitioning to the civilian workforce by equipping me with the tools that I need to succeed.

 August 11, 2013, Ronald was Marlo (Thomas)'s client

Jedidiah Thomas Protecting the Community

Marlo Calloway is a true HR professional. I have had the pleasure of going to lunch to discuss HR Strategy, HRIS, and career opportunities. During times like the one I have described, I have learned how much she cares and desires to help others. Marlo is intelligent enough to be an Executive HR Director, and she is kind enough to care for the underdog. She would certainly be a good addition to any HR department, and her skills are applicable to any managerial role elsewhere.

January 2, 2012, Jedidiah worked with Marlo (Thomas) at Tidewater Community College

Melanie Allen HR Analyst /Compensation and ClassificationTidewater Community College

Marlo Calloway asked me to write a recommendation on her behalf, and I am delighted to do so. I first met Marlo in the fall of 2010 when I began working as a Credentialing Specialist in the Office of Academic and Student Affairs at Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, Virginia. At the time, Marlo served as a Human Resources Analyst and helped me collect adjunct faculty hiring paperwork and helped prepare material for my faculty credentialing files.
Marlo had an active role in ensuring all newly hired adjunct faculty hiring paperwork was submitted in a timely manner —and these number over 1,000—are up to date. This job requires not only in-depth knowledge of human resources, but coordinating with deans from multi-campuses and great judgment.
What I think will impress you about Marlo is her work ethic, enthusiasm, and ability to get along with everybody. She is one of the most enthusiastic and cheerful people I know, and she is eager to take on any task assigned her. I have the greatest respect for Marlo, both personally and professionally, and believe that you will not regret working with her.less

March 23, 2012, Melanie worked with Marlo (Thomas) at Tidewater Community College

Director of College Relations SHRM

Angel Boord Director, Military Personnel, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy,
Military Manpower and Personnel

Marlo's initiative and drive are refreshing. She is always one to think out of the box and face challenges head on. The ideas she brings to the table are innovatve, inclusive and current. What makes her exceptional is that she has the ability to then follow through and motivate others to action. Marlo is an inspiration and a connecting force in our organization.

November 29, 2011, Angel was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at SHRM

Reneldo Randall, MBA Director of Advising College of Sciences at Old Dominion University

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a part of the pilot HRSHRM Mentor Program. I can say without reservation that the program even at its inception did not feel or appear like a program that was being introduced for the first time. Marlo did an outstanding job putting the program together and creating an atmosphere that was comfortable yet structured fostering a culture that provided an opportunity for individuals - mentor and mentees alike- to evolve both professionally and personally. I applaud Marlo for her diligence and support and recommend both Marlo and the HRSHRM Mentor Program.

November 11, 2011, Reneldo was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at SHRM

Ms.O- MBA, sHRBP The One-stop HR shop
I am writing this letter to endorse Ms. Marlo Calloway. I had the pleasure of participating in her SHRM Mentorship Program for six months and she is an excellent leader. Marlo has been very gracious to share her wealth of knowledge, concepts, and business practices pertaining to the field of Human Resources. She took initiative to lead the Mentorship program in an effort to shape the Human Resource Professionals of the future. Marlo is an excellent resource and subject matter expert in the field of Human Resources. Her ability to provide feedback, mentor, and instruct are truly superior.
I recommend Ms. Marlo Calloway without reservation. Her resourcefulness and networking capabilities would be an asset to any organization.
Chidinma Onyedike, MBA
Society for Human Resource Management
October 22, 2011, Ms.O- reported to Marlo (Thomas) at SHRM

LaShawn Ponder, MHA  Adjunct Professor at Stratford University

I have had the pleasure of acquainting with Marlo through the HRSHRM Mentor program and local chapter #5604. She is extremely engaging and brings a wealth of enthusiasm, knowledge and motivation to the program. Marlo is a great role model as she willingly offers her expertise and leadership with exceptional vigor. Her genial spirit and professionalism manifest in her interactions with others. As such, I can attest that she is a considerable resource to students and individuals pursuing a career in Human Resources. Marlo is undoubtedly a phenomenal woman and HR professional!l

October 17, 2011, LaShawn worked directly with Marlo (Thomas) at SHRM

Veronica Smith Surgical Assistant

Marlo is a true definition of persistence and ambition. Currently as she is pursuing her masters, she demonstrates her ability to juggle not only school life, but also home and work life in an admirable manner. As the director of HRSHRM, she has hosted numerous events for those within or entering into the HR field. Marlo not only exhibits knowledge in her field, but also a strong passion for it and helping others who are interested in the HR field to take on a passion for it as well. If given a task, Marlo always performs with excellence and completes projects in a timely fashion.

October 17, 2011, Veronica worked directly with Marlo (Thomas) at SHRM

Tony Crisp Practice Manager at EVMS Medical Group

I became acquanited with Marlo through the HRSHRM Mentor Program. She is a great people connector and an assessor of talents. Marlo has a knack for getting the right people together to build and to enhance a mentoring relationship. The mentor program that Marlo leads and coordinates is a great resource for education, networking, business and career development. 
Finally, Marlo is a great trainer, program developer and a human relations expert. A great fit for a Human Resource Manager.

October 15, 2011, Tony was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at SHRM

Ramona Ransom Receptionist at Weight Watchers International

Marlo provided detailed knowledge and organizationl skills as the president of the student chapter of HRSHRM at the local Strayer University campuses. Under her presidency Strayer campuses earned the Superior Merit Award as well as becoming Chapter #5604.
Marlo's passion to help others achieve is the reason many students choose HR as a desired profession. She continues to help students and serve in the community.

October 12, 2011, Ramona worked directly with Marlo (Thomas) at SHRM

Brandi Epps, HCS Corporate Recruiter

I highly recommend Marlo, as she will be a valuable resource to anyone seeking expert advice regarding their career in Human Resources. She is not only knowledgeable but her passion for the field is indeed infectious. After speaking with her you are guaranteed to leave with the feeling you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. She is a natural “cheer-Leader” as there is no better person to model yourself after and have in your corner. I have the distinct pleasure of being a member of at least three professional groups alongside Marlo and without a doubt I will state her dedication, professionalism, and personal touch never dwindles.

October 12, 2011, Brandi worked with Marlo (Thomas) at SHRM

Sultan Camp Military Headhunter & Recruiter✔♕Linking Talent into FORTUNE companies♕Talent Acquisition for Military to Civilian Jobs✯

I have had the pleasure of being a mentee in the HRSHRM Mentor Program with Marlo for several years. Most recently, she served as the Director of College Relations of the Chapter and I as a guest speaker. Over the years, I have been privileged to have our collegial relationship grow into a friendship

Marlo is hard working, bright, and funny. She is direct in her approach and thorough in carrying out her responsibilities. Marlo never hesitates to volunteer her time and talents, not only to the HRSHRM Chapter, but to a variety of charitable organizations.

I really enjoy working with Marlo. She is knowledgeable about many areas, but never hesitates to reach out to others or do research to fill in any gaps that exist. Her sense of humor helps her to work well with others in a variety of roles.

In a word - Marlo is TERRIFIC!

October 12, 2011, Sultan was with another company when working with Marlo (Thomas) at SEVA ATD

Pricing Tracks

Initial Consultation= Free 

(1 hour)

Cover letters Resumes/Curricula Vitae/Federal Resumes 

(revise, edit, create): 


Track 1-(1) one and half hour session: $75

Track 2-(3) one hour sessions:


Track 3-(5) one hour sessions:


Track 4-(7) one hour sessions:


Track 5-(10) one hour sessions:


Special military rates: $15 discount on all tracks


(2-3 hours): $350

(4- 6 hours) $1000

Schools (k-12) free workshops: (up to 2 hours)

Reasonable travel cost charged outside of a 50 mile radius